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Brookes Folmli

Hope Island, QLD


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Hi there! I graduated from Bond University with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science in 2008
and Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) in 2010. I then went on to complete a Master
of Science by Research (Health Sciences) in 2016.

I have recently done practical demonstrating and tutoring at Bond University. I apply the
experience and skills I gained as a health sciences student to my passion of delivering
quality education so the students develop a better understanding of the subject. As a
tutor, I like to employ teaching strategies that not only enhance understanding but also
allow for improved retention. For example, I enjoy using analogies to which students can
relate to in order to clarify understanding. I also like to take on a mentoring role and help
students with study tips and learning strategies. As a result of my teaching experiences, I
have developed the ability to communicate and teach students of a variety of ages in
areas relating to health sciences.

I am able to offer tutoring to any student requiring help with any anatomy or
organ system physiology (neuro-muscular, endocrine, digestive, reproductive,
cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary) subjects.

I do have flexible hours and offer online tutoring through Skype.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your academic dreams!

Contact me for an introductory offer (1x only per person) of $35 per hr (for one-on-one
tuition only).


Bond University tutor (Human Control Systems)
Bond University practical demonstrator


Bachelor of Biomedical Science (2008)
Bachelor of Health Sciences with Honours (2010)
Master of Science by Research (Health Sciences) (2016)

Years Tutoring

less than 1 year

Hourly Rate Specifics

$35 per hour - 1 student *special introductory offer* (1x only / person)
$50 per hour - 1 student
$35 each per hour - 2 students
$30 each per hour - 3 students
Contact me if 4+ for a special price



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Hope Island, QLD


Gold coast


0477 755 732

Last Updated

28 Sep 2016 10:59 AM

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